Legacy Bar Catering & Beer Gardens

Through Granville Entertainment Group, Legacy Catering has organized and hosted some of Vancouver’s largest off-site beer gardens in the city, including The Official Irish House of the 2010 Olympic Games, Harvest Haus Oktoberfest (2015) at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza, and the Unbuckled Country Festival (2015) in Stanley Park, to name a few.

Legacy Catering’s team of service and bar staff are trained experts with an average of 5+ years in the hospitality industry, all of whom work in Vancouver’s premium high-volume venues. Their experience and speed will guarantee your guests receive properly crafted beverages in a timely manner. The Legacy team strives for excellence to ensure that every event is executed from top to bottom, without compromise.

Legacy Bar Catering offers service for all manner and size of group; whether you’re looking for a private tasting session at your home or putting on a large outdoor festival, we can accommodate all your needs and requests with impeccable service.

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